Valentine SIBONI
works and lives in Paris and Brussels



Ballad I --> HERE
Ballad II --> HERE

Antarctic Ballads is a polymorphic project that pursues the metaphor of Antarctica as a representation of an absurd desire to be reached (see genesis project Panodraama ).
This is an 8 parts plot for 8 spaces to cross, 8 spaces with a border, joined by the ideal trajectory of the one who seeks.

I am an explorer. I am trying to understand my trajectory by experimenting it. I have a plan that is not very safe. I'm going to think / project my way to the place of my desire, thinking it might be the best one, but when I will walk through it, I'm afraid I'll never know for sure. Between the moment I look at the map and draw and the time of the course, everything can change. Time and a certain number of convergences will decide my fate. One must go to certify. To attest the journey without which I will never have the necessary recoil. Point after point, stop after stop. The road will be long. No doubt it will lead where it is needed despite the elastic time.
No doubt there will be an almost monotonous feeling in the repetition of downtime, in the color of the road. We must hope that the weather is nice but that it participates in the eddies of the head.
Eight breaks. To cross the strangeness of worlds that I can / could never really apprehend but which, in spite of myself, coexist with. Below and around, they scroll like an old movie effect.
My eyes move with such rapidity that it is by seeing their own image that I realize it. I must make sure to get out of me, to archive myself and therefore accept my own finiteness / death.