Valentine SIBONI
works and lives in Paris and Brussels


DRAAMASIX! Extended Version

Video duration : 11'

"Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf?" by Mike Nichols - 1966 ;
"Lola" by Jacques Demy - 1961 ;
"Do you love me?" Nick Cave & the bad seeds - 1994;
"Stabat Mater Dolorosa" by Pergolesi - 1736 - performed by Claudio Abbado & London symphony Orchestra - 1985 ;
"Stabat Mater Dolorosa" by Vivaldi - 1712 - performed by Andreas Scholl & Ensemble 415, Chiara Banchini ;
"Everybody knows" by Leonard Cohen - 1966 ;
"I want you now" by Depeche Mode - 1987 ;
"Carmen" by Jean Bizet - 1875 - performed by Agnes Baltsa, José Carreras,
Herbert Von Karajan & Berlin Philarmonic Orchestra - 1983

Text by Simone Dompeyre in French, Traverse video -->HERE

This film talks about relationships between author and spectators. It is constructed in 3 parts, on a principle of dialogues or projected speech, playing on different levels of fictions (textual, "imaged" and sonorous) and address plays (author to spectator, author to himself, movie characters to the author or between them etc..).
The visual contents are sequences from the same film, they are repeated and deteriorates. Same does the audio content. Most of the text is in English (whereas made originally for French audience).
I am interested in the spectator's perception and its capacity to understand things, what is given for him to feel without necessarily understand the language.
English being universal and 'popular' culture's language, it interested me because of its false accessibility(everyone having different levels of English) thus confusing the concept of address itself and its will to communicate.
We do comprehend codes and artifices, present on different types of support, aiming to provoke a particular feeling to the spectator.