Valentine SIBONI
works and lives in Paris and Brussels


DRAAMA projects!

Videos serie that is only broadcast on internet.

Draama one! Source:
"Armacord" by Frederico Fellini - 1974.

Draama the third! Karlita's way Sources:
piano version of "i like to move it" by reel 2 real - 1994 ;
"feel it" Kate Bush - 1978.

5th Draama! Teach or tell Sources:
"Notorious" by Alfred Hitchcock - 1946 ;
"Be my lover" La bouche - 1995.

Draama the ninth: I want to hold your hand Sources:
"reality" by Richard Sanderson - 1980 ;
"la Dolce vita" by F. Fellini - 1960 ;
Jacques Lacan in conference at Louvain - 1974 ;
"The Quiet man" by John Ford - 1952 ;
"I want to hold your hand" by the Beatles - 1963.

Draama is a project that took root video exchanges via internet.
Videos are partially (if not completely) composed with found footage (from cinema or simply from 'youtube').
Draama is an attempt of 'exchange' between the author and its audience, and maybe a fiction from their relationship. However, Draamas, formed almost every time as messages, always have one or several implicit recipients whether they are indirectly or not spectators.
Without to forget this 'autobiographical' blur is voluntarily accentuated by the emergent status of youtube video, the intimacy intrusion through the public sphere. Therefore the dramatization (in the theatrical sens, dramatic) of everyday life.
Draama is a project that has to do with what we call dramatic or what is lived as dramatic in the bosom of culture and human relationships.
Draama "puts on stage" drama, or maybe stages the staged drama.
The 'definition' and characteristics of Draama tend to variate, considering that Draama is a franchise, an "open source" project where the number of participants tend to increase. Draama offers the possibility for others to produce other messages, other Draamas.