Valentine SIBONI
works and lives in Paris and Brussels



Draama Expanded is a mazzy space, a hallway made by screens, onto it are projected 2 cinematographical sequences. The hallway leeds to a box.
The space, as it is conceived, constrains the circulation, thus creating a flux and imposing a relationship between visitors. Thus it question the authority that a space or an object generates.
The author seeks to produce a space of fiction filled by the lexical field he uses, quotes, those of human relation's drama as the culture represents it. But also a space, by its layout, positions the visitor as a third-party between men and woman. The woman uses an outrageous seduction of the left hand of the hallway, in front of a travelling''of impassible men(right side).br/> Several facets of an object, of mutiple kinds (grotesque and drama) are shown to visitors.
The object asks them to loose themselves and to understand that he musts get lost.
The other part of the piece (the box) is a projection space, the author simulates with a video a wandering vision thru space and tells about the process.
The lack of physical distance invites to sink in and better understand.