Valentine SIBONI
works and lives in Paris and Brussels



Video installation, duration : 15'

This project is the result of an exhibition proposal by the PEZCORP collective, PEZCORP the dispensary in 2017.
Curator: Catherine Henkinet for the Iselp in Brussels.
Photo credit: Morgane Denzler.

An impossible love story between a videographer and the work being done.

Draama! Press and release version is a serie in 5 episodes shot at ISELP, in Brussels within the framework of the exhibition PEZCORP, le dispensaire of the collective PEZCORP.
For the exhibition, the artists have given themselves as a rule to constitute a character, present, each time singularly, in each of the propositions.
The characters are thus incarnated by authors (the members of the collective) to whom it has been asked, spontaneously, to play the actors. The roles in script writing were composed based on how the authors define their characters.
The title Press and release calls for the need to support a sign (word, effect of editing, music) in order to convey what the artist has to say, while letting go to let in something else.