Valentine SIBONI
works and lives in Paris and Brussels


To gird the invisible mountain

Ongoing project of installation.

«To emerge mountains where there are not.»
To displace landscapes to create mountains.

A landscape as a postcard.
According to me, landscape becomes flat because of its infinity and its 'unreachability'.
Thus, a mountain become a sum of plans and points of view.

Starting with this idea, it's a circular installation made with suspended boxes held together by a climbing rope.
The whole set of boxes constitutes a fictional space, composed with elements - images, sounds, collected objects...- that are treasures, discovered along a weekly walk from the residency's location.

Every box contains a micro installation.
Every micro installation is a research aiming to open the space, to deploy it beyond the 3 dimensions and what we perceive.

It is a metaphor of an uncomprehensible landscape, a space of pure perceptual and imaginative projection.
Boxes gird « the invisible mountain » and are field-glasses of it.