Valentine SIBONI
works and lives in Paris and Brussels


Don't dive in what you see

The installation was visible during the eponymous solo exhibition, at former galerie Delacharge in Brussels, 2014 on an invitation by Robin Lachenal.

A recto, a verso. Space is thought as a postcard.
Through the gallery's window, we see a mountain landscape made with computer graphics, beamed on the wall, a miniature forest and a cable forest. A jingle (The Animals House of the rising sun instrumental loop), audible from the street, rocks the scene. The landscape is unreachable, flat, ideal for projection.
This is the recto.

You enter in the gallery's twilight. Baladeuse neon lights illuminate pieces of wall. 3 walls covered by chroma key screens are coated with handwriting : a mental scheme developing the content of the exhibition : what's a mountain? What's a postcard? What's an Art object ? The speech goes from metaphor to 'immediate' statement. Arrows are pulled across the room.
A desk does the junction, fixed behind the "screen-Retro", few tools(felt-tip pens and remotes control), a little speaker and a laptop.

The Recto is a form, a projection of the mind, the result of a mental and technical process. The content is not visible.
The Verso is a drawing of process and questionings that the spectator has to explore.
There are not simultaneously visible, like a postcard, such as an Art object.

As a matter of fact, it is in question of being in front of the mountain and contemplating it, being inside and exploring it.