Valentine SIBONI
works and lives in Paris and Brussels


Horizon is in the forest

This video installation was presented during the event La foire attraction at the Halles de Scharbeek in 2014, on an invitation by Emmanuelle Nizou.

To sink in the forest to better look at it.
To lose your orientation.
This Landscape exists under different stratus of reality.

I can choose not to visit the forest. If I visit it, I need to change my body perception and position. You have to accept to bend or more, to lay down. As your body goes down, it goes through the stratus.
The flora is varied. If I am being careful I can see the fauna too. The fauna is the rest of the audience that moves fare up and, if I look carefully, the audience is in the forest without knowing it.
If I explore a bit better, hills tell stories. Beamed images are inside, they tell stories about the animating forest.
The forest becomes its own fauna."
Text that was on display near the installation.