Valentine SIBONI
works and lives in Paris and Brussels


to make the other side

This video installation was présented during the exhibition Le 1er symposium des sculpteurs du dimanche at the Espace Lumière, Hénin Beaumont in 2013, for the end of fellow artist Paul Souviron end of residency.
Photo credit: Paul Souviron.

This is a sculpture.
This is a matter of succession of image's layers and process.

At the first layer, a video shows a succession of shots.
Those are multiple relationships to Mountain: to walk on it and to film with subjective shots, to make a model of it, to wander on that model. A 3D image overcomes all other shots.
The image is a flat thing, its fabrication is inaccessible, its scale is unreadable.
The projection's structure is held by climbing rope operating by liking the sculpture's elements together.
The beamer is strongly attached, and in front of it, a pedestal. It seems more tangible than the projected image itself.
A one way mirror does the refraction, but also creates an angle of view, filtered. The pedestal girds the cairn, quoting the walker's habit to "reproduce" the mountain while walking on it.
Behind the one-way glass, as a fragile Hors Champ*, a model mountain made out of expanded foam. The spectator may watch it from all angles. The scale is precise.

The spectator can "seize", reach the mountain and thus be the witness of the sculptor's act : making tangible a view of the mind.

*the literal translation is "out-of-field". I use it for its cinema/image sens, more largely it means "what is not seen" but can be perceived or imagine. For instance the principle of voice over (that voice that comes from an unknown place/location) in a film, the process of making, the rest of a landscape on a picture, the other side of the horizon etc..