Valentine SIBONI
works and lives in Paris and Brussels



This performance and its installation happened on September 10th 2016 at the Museum of Modern Art André Malraux in Le Havre, during the event Ballades Parallèles → see the sea organised by Cabaret Hors Champ, currated by Marie Bazire.
This project beneficiated a support from Normandy region.

The ballad --> HERE
Narratives beacons --> HERE

Hunter's lament is the story of a mise en film, the domestication of the world via its audiovisual capture. The hunter narrates his/her attempt to convey what s/he finds on the path of his/her wander (in French wander and ballad is the same word). The hunter selects and kills his/her prey by extracting it from its "natural" environment. S/he frames it and keeps it. S/he sorts it among other things and shows it.
The prey is domesticated for the use of others and through this, they give it a meaning, an element of their language.
The performance is divided into 3 parts.
REC is the time of capture, the shooting. It's the one where we do not have a lot of perspective on things, it's the time of experience. That's where we find the prey.
PLAY is the one of the projection and the story. It is the recollection of the experience and its transmission to others. This is where the prey is shown.
POWER (in French the word veille is used, which also has to do with mourning) is where the story ends, when it goes off frame. We bury the prey while indicating the location.