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A Re­al Ex­pe­di­tion to a Spec­tac­u­lar Form, Still Un­known.

In collaboration with Maïa Berling.

For the INACT festival, 2014.

See the video.

We, the performers, were connected by a rope. We performed a series of actions, trying to lead us to the Show, as if making a show included a certain number of rules.

Different steps, like a recipe, were drawn, as an answer to the question > What is needed to make a show?

These steps, necessary for the Show, were presented one after the other.

The red thread stems from a simple and vital relationship: the rope.

Both attached by a harness, the climbing rope says: 1+1

1 is: language; body; expression; emotion; conception; positioning; relationship to the world.

It is the articulating tool and allows the singular existence of the 1. The two 1's are now inter-dependent and inter-solidary.

If one falls or decides a direction the other is constrained by the will of the one, and its trajectory, its will is modified.

The association between Maïa Berling, clown artist, and Valentine Siboni, visual artist, video artist and performer began in 2013. It is the need to get out of their respective "ways of doing" that pushed them to work together. This association was born from the desire to question what live performance is for each of them: meeting an audience and acting in front of it. The nature of the relationship to the audience, the space and the objects of each are confronted with those of the other in order to seek how to do "again", differently.

A Re­al Ex­pe­di­tion to a Spec­tac­u­lar Form, Still Un­known.