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Cabaret Hors Champ

CHC results from the common desire to create live and multimedia events (performances, sound pieces, videos, ephemeral devices...), which revisit dinner shows, by proposing a fiction thought with the invited artists. All of them are united by the desire to extend the stage beyond its real space, its off-field (hors champ in French) spaces, and the need to question the fragile and unstable relationships that are woven between the ephemerality of performance art and the consumerist form of cabaret. This project, with variable geometry, invents and thinks in a contextual way its space of perception and its programming, for an immersive experience. CHC is intended for contemporary art exhibition spaces willing to welcome new proposals, to promote the emergence of hybrid and transdisciplinary forms, in which the spectator has an important place to take.

Cabaret Hors Champ curated 7 events between 2012 and 2016. Read more about the project.

Cabaret Hors Champ