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Mars 2020, collective exhibition à LaVallée, Brussels.

Artists: Vincent Chevillon, Dimension Émotionnelle, Paul J. Y. Guilbert, Thomas Lasbouygues and Kevin Senant, Stéphanie Roland,  Claire Serres, Valentine Siboni.

Curating: Valentine Siboni.

Production: Commission des Arts Plastiques de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, DRAC et Région Grand Est, Le Fresnoy, La HEAR et Glassbox.

Photography: Morgane Denzler.

Exhibition composed of 7 'multi-media' installations.

How to tell another story today, from other stories gleaned, collected along the way?

Whether it is small or well known mythologies, ancient or current, personal or universal, what is told to us and what crosses us becomes a raw material for our contemporary stories. Visitors of NARRATION.S are invited to wander and cross the narrative trajectories traced by the artists.

For this exhibition I have chosen to bring together a group of artists from the same generation (within 10 years) - of which I am a part - who grew up at the dawn of our century, in the midst of the post-modern effervescence, at the heart of the switch from analog to digital, from landline to mobile phone, having witnessed the arrival of the computer during their adolescence and especially the time before and during the internet. Spectators and actors of these changes, we are facing them with interest and mistrust, a look without fascination and which is permanently asking the question of "How to deal with it?

There is in my opinion a certain ambivalence in our virtual presence, on social networks for example, to find a right position, contrary to the following generations evolving in a completely digital sphere.

NARRATION.S is born from a desire to see art pieces come together that carry within them a certain complexity of arrangements, driven by the injunction of "How to say?".

Narration is the development of a narrative of ideas, of past or imagined events. More precisely and in this project the narration is a way of telling with a duration proposed by the one who tells to those who listen.

In the exhibition, the notion of duration is confused with that of displacement, of the visit.

This is why, in this one, the visitors are spectators who cross narratives-spaces: installations in which the arrangement of the elements induces the course and whose narrative development depends on this one.

It is important to me to put forward artists who build/conceive objects that go beyond the form, objects that tell stories. These call for an active spectator, ready to take time as he would in front of a film, a book, or in a place to visit: to grasp the whole of the story told, it is necessary to be able to follow until the end.