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The hunter's lament: Down to Mem­o­ry Lane

See the trailer video (full captation accessible on demand).

Hunter’s Lament: Down to Memory Lane is a solo performance around the principle of appropriation of both Nature and Art, as a symptom of our relationship to experience and our impulse, our desire to make its memory last. Consequently, to give form to a memory.

The performance is animated by three modes-of-presence / entities / figures / postures / characters that never meet but exist in the same space-time. Together and thanks to the superposition of their trajectory, they complete the presence of the others. Each one echoes the others.

The storyteller is a posture of language and narrative. She weaves links with the 'ballad of the tongue'. She is a concrete figure of transmission and gives to see with the present of her voice, traces of the past. She reactivates and summons/invokes.

The medium is a transmitting body. She transmits something that occurs or 'comes to her'. She makes the voice resonate in her body. The voice is between a cry and an articulated language. The medium is a figure of the gift and her body exists only by its hollows.

Eurydice is a body-image. It is a body of projection, a body of memory. She is doomed to exist only for the one who looks at her.

The hunter's lament: Down to Mem­o­ry Lane